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uboda trading Co., Ltd. since its establishment, has accumulated very rich experience and technology, a professional sales team, we mainly help enterprises to solve the spot shortage of materials, but also help enterprises to deal with electronic materials inventory.
Our products and services cover all areas of the electronics industry, including: consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, communications, Industrial controls, military grade, aerospace, automotive electronics, security, power control, new energy, medical equipment, etc.We can provide customers in various areas of spot procurement, bill of Materials support, stagnant inventory handling, procurement cost reduction and other value-added services.
At the same time we through ADI, ALTERA, CYPRESS, INTERSIL, LATTICE, MAXIM, ON, TI, XILINX level agent cooperation, purchasing all kinds of tight original tight pin IC.

Micross components

            transtorming specialty electronics

Micross(原ASI)  全线产品均可订货

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